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We hope that you think of Hotel Ca Pisani as your “home away from home” in Venice. This winter we renovated La Rivista – our Wine & Cheese Bar (where we also serve breakfast) - and we are now ready to welcome you back inside.  The work we undertook became interesting, to say the least.  We want to share our experiences in this newsletter, our first to you.

As you know, ‘La Rivista’ is located in the underground level of the hotel, which is unique in Venice. When the building was restored; my family along, with the architects, challenged the ‘acqua alta’ (high tide) laws, to create the space. To do so required technical devices to prevent ‘Wine bar La Rivista’ from becoming a swimming pool instead of a restaurant – since when the tide level rises 120 cm. above sea level water starts covering the street in front of the hotel.


Our solution was to create a “concrete tub” to isolate ‘La Rivista’ from acqua alta. Because the original hotel building dates from the late 15th century, and Venice is founded on wooden piles, sometimes architectural structures move imperceptibly. Over time, this caused damage to the “concrete tub,” creating a creek below ground, and small amounts of water started coming in when high tide occurred. At the beginning we hardly noticed because the water remained hidden under the bamboo floor, but as weeks passed, infiltrations became more frequent and started damaging the wood.

Taking advantage of our already planned closure soon after Venice New Year’s Eve, we undertook a quite demanding job to fix the problem. Unfortunately the creek was quite bigger and longer than we expected, so we had to lift entirely the parquet floor, to find it. We discovered that it was running a few metres along the intersection between the wall on the right hand and the floor.
After this not so nice surprise, we had a small team of experts fix the creek, and afterwards we had to replace the floor, which we decided to change from the original bamboo wood.  We came to the conclusion that it would be better to build a ‘floating floor’:  using a wooden skeleton placed on the concrete tub, on which are set  ‘Bisazza’ mosaic squares.

In this way, should we have another problem in the future, we just need to lift the floor square by square. Moreover, under the ‘Bisazza’ mosaic, we have placed a small suction pump which can be used for small infiltrations, should they take place again due to future settling of the building  - which we hope will occur in the next century!

If you are interested, next time you stay with us it would be a pleasure to show you the ‘secrets’ below the floating floor and lift a couple of squares to satisfy your curiosity! Our hospitable Restaurant Manager Fabio, his valiant assistant Sheila and the rest of the staff, are enthusiastically waiting for you with a new menu offering some tasty pastas, soups, salads, cheese and cold cut boards, and a small selection of meat and fish. We are also serving outside in the spring sun!



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