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Hotel Saturnia a four stars hotel in the very center of Venice, great location!

Restaurant La Caravella

Restaurants in Venice: Tradition and elegance for this Venice Restaurant near St. Mark's Square

Ca' Pisani Hotel

Design Hotels:The Ca' Pisani Hotel Design and comfort for this unique 4 stars hotel

Our Menu

La Rivista Wine & Cheese Bar offers a selection of light snacks, ideal to try while taking a break from exploring Venice and the many art galleries of the area.

Our kitchen proposes some special recipes such a good selection of pasta, salads and sandwiches


Our Menu         

Caesar Salad with chicken, green salad, croutons, parmesan served in a parmesan wafer, Caesar dressing                                                                                

Greek Salad with green salad, sliced cucumbers, red onion rings, feta cheese, black olives, cherry tomatoes, oregano                                                                             

Caprese with buffalo mozzarella DOP, sliced tomatoes and basil infused olive oil 



Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and mint, baked tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese cream



Cold “Gigli” Pasta of Gragnano with caramelized red onion of Tropea, peas and goat cheese cream 



Penne alla Norma with aubergine and mint, salted and smoked ricotta, served inside the eggplant  



Caponata of sweet and sour vegetableswith scamorza cheese and truffl e oil

Sushi “La Rivista” Uramaki, seasonal vegetables, avocado, slightly smoked salmon, goat cheese and Nori


The best mix of cheeses

3 cheeses € 18,00

5 cheeses € 24,00 

The selection of cold cuts

3 cold cuts € 19,00

5 cold cuts € 25,00



Tiramisu with warm coffee sauce

Cheesecake with cooked and raw fruits 


Southern Flavor Almond granita with cream and Sicilian brioche



Cover charge, VAT & service included.

 € 15,00 



 € 13,00




 €  14,00



 € 17,00

€ 15,00


€  16,00


€   20,00




€   23,00



  €    9,00 

 €    8,00 

 €   10,00 










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