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Hotel Saturnia a four stars hotel in the very center of Venice, great location!

Restaurant La Caravella

Restaurants in Venice: Tradition and elegance for this Venice Restaurant near St. Mark's Square

Ca' Pisani Hotel

Design Hotels:The Ca' Pisani Hotel Design and comfort for this unique 4 stars hotel

Venice Traditions – “Madonna della Salute”

Venice Traditions – “Madonna della Salute”

Novembre is traditionally known in Venice as the month of the Madonna della Salute (Literally Madonna of Health). It is a cherished holiday established more than three centuries ago following a vow taken by the city during a terrible plage that decimated its population. It will be celebrated on November 21 with a ceremonial procession over a specially-built pontoon bridge across the Grand Canal to the famous Basilica of the Madonna della Salute, Baldassare Longhena’s Baroque architectonic masterpiece. There, people will pray to the Madonna for protection for their dear ones.

Basilica Salute


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